Wheeler Rules of the Road

The Wheelers are as passionate about safety as we are about cycling.

As a Wheeler please follow these guidelines:

1.  As much as possible stay to the right side of the road whether riding single or double.

2.  Please check for traffic when coming off the front.  Look back to make sure it is safe.  If not, wait until it is.

3.  Point out road obstacles so to avoid flats and possible crashes.

4.  Some sections where the road is narrower please single up (ex: Mt. Doug area)

5.  When clearing your nose or throat during a ride, check traffic and pull out and away from the group, and keep your snotty bits to yourself.

6.  Adhere to all traffic laws such as stop signs.  At least slow to a crawl and show respect.  A rolling stop is acceptable.

7.  Show respect to road marshals in construction areas.

8.  If a vehicle has its right turn signal on and we are waiting at a traffic light, show respect and let them go.  It is dangerous to pass them on the right as they may not see you/me/us.


We love our club and we love our reputation as a group of safe and supportive riders.  Membership is dependent on these rules being upheld.

Thanks and enjoy your ride!