Race Team Season Update

The Wheelers race team has been keeping busy this summer. Since the last update after Tour de Bloom the results have been steadily trickling in from races small and large.

After showing some strength at Bloom, Garth Campbell took the win at the Mill Bay masters race in a two man breakaway with Mick Bryson. Garth won the 55-59 category and Mick took the 50-54. Brian Green rounded off the podium by taking the 30/40 age group win and third on the day.

Speedway number three was the last chance to get some circuit race experience before Windsor, and was well represented.  Nick Monette, Isaac Leblanc, and Eugene Hahn found themselves in a break that took a lap on the field. In the final laps Nick found himself in a gap again with one other rider to take second. Isaac sprinted to third from the reduced bunch and Eugene took fifth. Rich Martin also found himself a lap up in the B race and took the bunch sprint for the win.

First year Wheeler Jackson Bocksnick headed over to Enumclaw after racing Bloom and got some solid results in the cat 3 group. A strong performance in the road race backed up with a solo flyer to third place in the crit put him in seventh for the GC.  These results also brought in enough points for him to make the upgrade to cat 2 in time for provincials. A solid effort for his first race season with more to come!

While Jackson was racing Enumclaw the rest of the Wheelers contingent remained for the first Windsor Park race of the year. A strong turnout lead to an early breakaway well represented with Wheelers. A last lap move by Pro City was chased down quickly, but the line came half a second too early to clinch the victory. Isaac took second by a hair with Nick taking third after both put in a strong performance in the break. In the B race Rich also found himself in a breakaway but some well played tactics from Tripleshot left him to take third.

 The fourth Speedway A race was an eventful one, kicking off with rain before the A race. The bunch held together well with many attacks being launched but nothing sticking. Nick crashed out early and later a few more riders went down on the slick far corner. Maxim found himself in a doomed breakaway with three laps to go and launched a solo flyer. He almost managed to hold the bunch off, but was nipped at the line to take third as Eugene sprinted past to take second. In the B race Dave Trill and Rich took the top two spots in a strong performance continuing to support Rich’s bid for the overall B win.

The masters side of the team have put in some impressive performances with several riders making their way over to nationals and provincials this year. Eugene went to nationals with something to prove after some poor sportsmanship at provincials made for a disappointing result. A strong performance throughout with support from Brian was backed up with a solid sprint on the uphill finish to take fifth in the 40-49 age group. Garth and Mick were representing in the 50-59 group. A hard race made for a reduced bunch, but both managed to stick with it. Garth was boxed in for the uphill sprint but still managed ninth, while Mick picked up sixth in a very tight sprint.

The first Newton race of the season was quite a show. New Wheeler Ian Hendry came out for his first race with the team and put in some strong efforts on the most challenging course of the VCL calendar. The bunch whittled down from the hard efforts, but Andrew, Eugene, and Ian H remained. Ian put in a strong attack with two to go which was caught and countered by Andrew. With two riders in tow unwilling to pull through Andrew put in a hard dig to a solo victory. With some aggressive encouragement Eugene kicked from the bunch midway up the final climb and managed third, with Ian in fourth.

Caleb pike number four was a fairly chaotic race, with some sketchy moments. Ian Brown was taken out in an early crash leaving us a man down. Some attempts were made to form a break, but nothing was able to stick. Coming into the final lap as an intact group, thanks to Mick chasing down a solo attack, two sprint strategies were put to the test. Eugene launched from near the front while Isaac and Nick came from the back to take home a Wheelers podium sweep. Rich soloed the B race to take the win and Garth and Deb rounded off the podium for another clean sweep. A solid day for both groups!

Newton number two brings this update up to speed with current events.  A hard pace from the start kept the fatigue high and set up Andrew to launch off the front. Several riders bridged, including Ian H, and two groups were established. Andrew and Ian were both feeling strong and began attacking the break and countering each other, slightly reducing the front group. Andrew put in a strong solo effort but was caught shortly before the bell lap. Ian took advantage of the catch to launch off the front and was unmatched. Ian held off the competition to take the win and Andrew found himself in fourth.

Thanks to Duncan Bryson for the recap!