5 Links for Idle Hands July Edition

A busy summer of riding has meant some slacking in the ‘regular updates to five links’ department. Have no fear! I am back with a July edition just in time for the Tour de France.

1.  I had to include this link, although it is not strictly cycling related. I’ve been a huge fan of sports journalism for as long as I can remember, and I was alerted to this fascinating piece about the endemic doping in the Russian Track and Field program.

2. JPow in all his AD/HD glory. I revisited the original YouTube cycling series, Behind the Barriers, this past week. It’s been a trip, knowing where a lot of the riders have/have not progressed to. Seasons two, featuring JPow’s Rapha-Focus teammate Zach MacDonald, also satisfies my obsession with early promise gone awry. Poor Zach.

3.  He’s just so damn cool (He kind of knows it too, which might not be so cool). This feature on Alex Howes’ consecutive Olympic let-downs is likely to be the first of many this coming month, as the various national federations start naming names for Rio.

4.  Another slightly sombre link, but one that nicely sums up the mental anguish that is part-and-parcel of high level sport. A fantastic rider, outspoken anti-doper and fantastic voice for cycling, Will Routley speaks after the conclusion of June’s national road race champs. Love the use of ‘yardsale’.

5.  I get this article. I totally get this article. Poignant and well written.