Easton EC90 Aero55 Review

The Wheelers Race Team is sponsored by Easton Cycling and it's a match made in heaven as we love their fine line of products.  Most of our team are on Easton wheels and you'll see carbon bits and bobs on almost all of our rigs.  Marc Doucette took the time to draft a review of Easton's aero wheelset, the EC90 Aero55s.  This full carbon clincher wheelset boasts top of the line aerodynamic design and is possesses a built like a brick house freehub design that's certain to take your watts and convert them to speed.  Have a read of Marc's review below and check out all Easton has to offer here.

"I was fortunate enough to pick up a set of Easton EC90 AERO55s carbon clinchers a few months back, and I’ve now had a chance to ride around on them a fair bit, on all kinds of terrain, and in most of the spring conditions Victoria has to offer.

The first thing about these wheels to note – at 1690g, they are a reasonably light set of wheels for deep section wheels. Being a bigger rider, I value wheels that roll easily, that are stiff and that are solid. The EC90s are all of the above. I’ve ridden other deep section wheels before, so I was expecting not to be overly surprised when riding them for the first few times… But I can honestly say that is not the case. I was very pleasantly surprised by these wheels. Easton claims to have world leading aerodynamics, and that’s readily apparent. When you hit 40km/h or so, there’s this great feeling you get of “hey, I could go faster”. While most of the time with gear changes, it’s something that’s purely psychological, it actually lasts as a feeling. These wheels are fast.

One of the major drawbacks of carbon wheels, generally speaking, is that their breaking performance is quite weak. This is something that I was concerned about especially, as in the past I’ve experienced non-existent braking when carbon wheels have gotten wet. Something that I noticed with the EC90’s is that the braking actually feels more or less the same in wet as an aluminum rim, or maybe slightly better. In other words, there’s a loss of braking, but nothing that is overly alarming. Descending is another area I was concerned with, but again, coming down hills like Goldstream Heights via both the Malahat and Shawnigan and Mt. Matheson, I actually felt more comfortable than normal as the handling with the EC90’s is beautiful.

One area to “watch out for” with the rims is that they are very wide. It’s something in particular to take notice of, as it can be challenging to fit it onto all rigs. For me, with the direct mount brakes on the 2016 Norco frame, I found that using the more narrow Dura Ace brake mounts and thin pads solved the issue, though I get a tiny amount of wheel rub when cornering.

If you’re in the market for something fun, fast, safe, reliable and exciting, grab a set of the EC90s."