Wheelers Year to Date

The Victoria Wheelers are off to an excellent start in 2018 and are hoping to continue finding success as they move into the final two months of the season. As usual, the season kicked off with half a dozen Spring Series races, as numerous Wheelers were hoping to upgrade their racing category. Spring series concluded just in time for Race the Ridge, Jeremy’s Roubaix, the first few VCL’s of the year and a competitive stage race down in Wenatchee, Washington. Moving forward, the Wheelers are looking forward to Provincial Championships at the end of May and more importantly, Masters Nationals in the first weekend of June, held on the infamous Metchosin RR course.

Spring Series

Spring Series is hosted annually by Escape Velocity cycling and serves as an early season tune up for many riders, while others are hoping to get results and upgrade their racing category. This year Wheelers sent over a contingent of Category 1/2 racers including, Nick Monette, Ian Brown, Andrew Russel, and Eugene Hahn. Noteworthy performances include Andrew Russel finishing 3rd in the Bradner RR after riding in the break all day and Nick Monette finishing 7th in the Thunderbird Long RR.

Wheelers had one representative in each of Cat 3 and Cat 4. Sam Horn won the first Cat 3 race of the year at Thunderbird Long RR and upgraded to Cat 1/2 shortly thereafter. Taro Laframboise raced in Cat 4 and was the victim of some early season mechanicals and bad luck before righting the ship later in the season at Race the Ridge (more on that later).


Andrew Russel in the break at Bradner RR. Photo: TLBVelo Photography


Race the Ridge & Jeremy’s Roubaix

Race the Ridge is a two day race, with a road race, hill climb TT, and a crit on the final day. Taro Lamframboise and Cole Glover represented the Wheelers in Cat 4. Taro won the crit on the final day and finished 3rd on GC while Cole won the RR and the TT, finishing 1st on the GC. Sam Horn and Nick Monette represented the Wheelers in Cat 1/2. Both finished in the top 10 in the RR and Nick finished 5th in the crit.


Nick Monette and Sam Horn in the break at Jeremy's. Photo: TLBVelo Photography


Jeremy’s Roubaix is a flat RR that takes place on a 10km loop, with half the course on a gravel path and the other half on road. The break went on the first lap and both Nick Monette and Sam Horn made the selection. Ian Brown covered moves in the main bunch and sprinted for 9th overall, while Sam and Nick came home in 5th and 6th respectively.

Tour de Bloom

Cole Glover on the Cat 3 podium of the first stage at Tour de Bloom.

Tour de Bloom is a 3 day stage race with 4 events. There is a RR on the first day, a flat TT and a twilight crit on the second day, and a windy RR on the third day. Cole Glover represented the Wheelers in Cat 3 and managed to come 3rd on the opening stage. Deborah Snell was the lone women representing in Cat 1/2 and had the ride of the weekend. Deborah suffered a nasty crash early in the first stage, breaking her bike in the process. After spending the afternoon at the hospital to get stiches in her elbow, Deborah rode bravely in the TT and the crit before finishing in the 3rd place on the final stage! Sam Horn and Nick Monette competed in the Cat 1/2 field and had consistent performances throughout the weekend. Nick finished in the top 10 in both the crit and the final RR, ultimately finishing 6th on GC, while Sam Horn finished 14th on GC.

Cole Glover on the Cat 3 podium of the first stage at Tour de Bloom.



Our local race series has been very successful so far, with the Wheelers winning 4 of the first 10 races, including 3 second places. The wins have come from Nick Monette and Sam Horn, who both have two each. Up next on the VCL schedule is Caleb Pike on May 30th.

Moving forward, the Wheelers are ramping up for Masters provincials on June 2nd, which will be taking place in our backyard out on the Metchosin RR course. The Non-Masters squad will be tuning up for the prestigious Robert Cameron Law Race series, which will happen on the same weekend as Masters Nationals.