Wheelers Young Guns

For 2017 your Victoria Wheelers Race Team has taken in a few young guns in hopes of helping them gain experience, get some results, and hopefully help them achieve their cycling goals.  Three of these such whipper-snappers are Jackson Bosnick, Duncan Bryson, and Nick Monette.  In our young season these youngsters have racked up some awesome results.  We asked Nick to send us a synopsis to share with you all.  When you see these guys around town give them a high five - their hard work and "do anything" attitude fits right in to what we're about.

"We’re all coming from different places – Duncan is making a return to cycling after injury got the best of him during his varsity rowing stint. Jackson is transferring his varsity running prowess to shredding legs on mega climbs. I’ve bounced around a bit since retiring from cross-country skiing a couple years ago, dabbling in rowing but finally finding my place on two wheels. Choosing to represent the Wheelers came naturally to us – a down to earth, community involved, but high level racing team with plenty of support is what made me stick around after joining the club last summer. We have quickly become three very different sized peas in a pod. Our little trio decided early that our common goal would be to support each other in the early season and try to rack up as many points as we could, in order to make the upgrade from cat 4 to 3 to 2.

Being on the island makes it tricky to get upgrade points with not many sanctioned races local to us. That meant that we had to venture to the lower mainland almost every weekend from early March until present. With winter hanging on a little longer than we would have liked, the first couple race weekends got cancelled so we had to make sure to hit the remaining weekends hard and smart.

The spring series races are historically known to be a tad miserable weather-wise, but from what I’ve heard this year was a little crueler to the spandex-sporting bunch. We suited up nonetheless, with extra layers and plenty of buffs and gloves, etc. Soon enough, we found that our winter training paid off and we rose to the top of the cat 4 melting pot. Ferries aren’t cheap so we had to make sure we got the most out of these weekends – thanks Duncan’s grandparents for having a nice little apartment in West Van! Not long after, Duncan and I found ourselves in a new category, Jackson not far behind, with spunkier, smarter riders. We managed to up our fight and rise to the level of the Cat 3 riders, finding podium steps along the way.

The quest for Cat 2 continues with a small lull in the race calendar, but things are looking good, so hopefully we’ll join our fellow Wheelers riders soon and add to the depth for the summer.

Thanks to our sponsors for helping making things possible!  You guys rock!"

Well done guys and best of luck in the coming months!