Club Executive

2016 Club Executive

David Emery


Years as a member: 43 years started serious riding & racing at age 32
Favorite ride route: Wallace Dr.  - Airport- West Saanich Rd -Lands End Rd - through Sidney home to Esquimalt
Bikes: Road 3 Calfee frame sets favorite Calfee Dragonfly / Track Dolan frame
Best recent Wheeler memories: Driving support vehicle Vic2Cow Ride / Receiving the Austin Smith Volunteer Award  at recent Club social
Work History: Retired Boilermaker  DND Esquimalt Dockyard 50 year member Local 191 Boilermakers Blacksmiths, had a brief change of occupation in the late 60's into theatre and worked my way to the Canadian Opera Company in Toronto, but Returned to Boilermaking –Steel  Fabrication 1970  VMD, Yarrows Ltd., DND (for 28 years)
Hobbies & Interests: Cycling, Speed Skating, Olympic Oval training, Art Collecting, Gardening, Photography, Theatre,  Jazz music, Strength & fitness training
Why you are a wheeler: From my first Wheeler rides & races many years ago training & fitness became a healthy disciplined  way of living. Competition has made life more interesting. As  member of a Club that promotes cycling for sport & recreation for all skill levels and age groups  I volunteered to be on the executive to help further these aims 
Role: Treasurer

John Errington

Director at Large, Race Committee

Your Bike (and why it's your favorite): I ride an old Diamondback road bike in the summer and a Bianchi in the winter. On both bikes, the motor is getting very old and tired!

A little about yourself : Although retired from permanent employment I still do a bit of work for the mining industry and First Nations in BC and Alberta, primarily looking at mine reclamation programs.
You and cycling; what's the story: For most of my life I have owned and ridden bicycles primarily for commuting to work and for fitness but never racing. I became a Wheeler in 1997 when my son Angus decided to take up road and track racing, became a commissaire primarily to learn the rules and have continued to be involved in officiating and organizing long after my son stopped competing.

You and Wheelers: My most enjoyable day cycling was a trip to England where we rode around the Isle of Whyte of an abandoned rail line (no hills) which included two ferry rides and one very pleasant pub lunch!

Role(s) in the club/executive: As a member of the Wheelers executive I organize and run the Neild Road and Mount Douglas hill climbs as well as the largely unattended Boxing Day Time Trial. I also help with "officiating" at our races as well as other Victoria Cycling League races. As a licensed commissaire I officiate at most of the sanctioned races on Vancouver Island and usually some of the super week races on the lower mainland.

Tell us about your best experience cycling: My most enjoyable day cycling was a trip to England where we rode around the Isle of Whyte of an abandoned rail line (no hills) which included two ferry rides and one very pleasant pub lunch!

Sonya Reuter


Your Bike (and why it's your favorite): I love my old Trek Carbon - still runs smooth and true; also love the really old red Cannonade commuter because it runs great and I really wouldn't be too disappointed if anyone stole it. However, in saying that, I would not be opposed to a new ride. smiley
A little about yourself: Have worked in Human Resources with a variety of government offices for a really long time; have a wonderful husband, Martin, and a big crazy family including 5 grandkids that I love like crazy; I play music; water-ski and boating; and I love to travel.
You and cycling; what's the story: Have ridden since I was a little kid-always loved my bike. Toured in Europe; Australia; Hawaii; States-mostly self directed, and have some training as a bike tour guide, coach and learn to ride instructor. Met my husband on the race scene when he was coaching Junior Wheelers; his daughter Erinne Willock, and Erica Drew and Claire Hall-Patch. Martin, Erinne and his brother Bernie were all road racers - we have had a lot of fun with road racing!
You and Wheelers: I started helping out the Wheelers in 2000, the year after I met Martin who was on the Executive with John Errington and Dave Emery. It was great to have the opportunity to be involved; and contribute to the racing community. I love this club and am appreciative of the role it plays in our community, both as a development tool for riders who aspire to greater racing, and locals who love to ride. I am thankful to work with wonderful people who serve on the Executive, and for the all of the friends I've made over these years. Lucky me. 
Role(s) in the club/executive: Race registration for all VCL races; worked closely with the VCL to organize seasons; race organization; membership; whatever else needs to be done; and this year have taken on the role of President.
Tell us about your best experience cycling: I know this sounds cliché but; any time on a bike. Ongoing, my best cycling experience is about who I am riding with, and all the better on a hot, calm, sunny day when there is time to stop for a coffee, or end with a chilled refreshment. Can I also say that at the 2004 World Championships in Verona, Italy where Erinne was racing, I stood about 5 feet away from TDF racer Mario Cipollini - that was also a really good cycling experience!

Karl ​Ullrich

Vice-President; Race Director

Years as a Wheeler: first joined in '85, first event in '83
Favourite bike ride & bike: prefer rides I've not done yet hence like to travel with my bike, favourite bike is our Calfee Tandem
How many flat tires you think you've had: had 100's, changed 1000s
Favourite post ride treat: rum and chinotto
Fondest Wheeler Member: First time out in 83 was a TT on happy valley rd. The welcome from Austin Smith and his encouragement.
A mention of your work: Owner of OBB
A mention of your hobbies: 2 teenage girls so learning new hobbies like ballet and FB monitoring
KD or Sloppy Joes: KD on my Sloppy Joe
Why you are a wheeler: I'm a wheeler cause I love the executive meetings
Role: Team Management, Community Development

Trevor MacKenzie

Race Team Manager

Your Bike (and why it's your favorite): Norco Tactic because it makes up for all of my follies when it comes to bike riding.
A little about yourself: Husband to Sarah. Father to Ewan and Gregor. Teacher at Oak Bay High School. Slayer of ice cream.
You and cycling; what's the story: I've been riding bikes for a long time but I've been more focused on the road for the past 5 years. I mountain bike and do the CX scene as well.
You and Wheelers: I've been with Oak Bay Bikes for a while and joined the Wheelers during the resurgence 5 years ago.
Role(s) in the club/executive: My role with the club is Race Team Director and one of the many awesome ride leaders that host our weekly rides.
Tell us about your best experience cycling: My best experience in cycling was, and continues to be, riding bikes in the sun with my children. They rock.

Kim Gard

​Sponsorship & Kit

Your Bike (and why it's your favorite): Specialized Ruby, Norco Valence, Norco Revolver. I love them equally.
A little about yourself: I share a wonderful life with my husband Joe and our current rescue dog Charlie. We have many wonderful friends and lots of family near us. 
You and cycling: I bought my first (NON-Canadian Tire) bike in 1986 to commute from Metchosin to my job downtown. I haven't driven a car to work since. When I married Joe in 1996 the cycling obsession began. I mountain biked for 5 years until Joe surprised me with a road bike one Christmas. The rest is history... and soon my mountain biking skills were history too.
You and Wheelers: I have been an Oak Bay Bikes ambassador for many years so being part of the Wheelers revival 5 years ago was a given. Being part of such a great cycling community is rewarding. Giving back to cycling feels good. Seeing how excited David Emery is to have the Wheelers brought back to life makes me feel proud.
Role(s) in the club/executive: My roles include Ride leader, Sponsorship Coordinator and Gear. Encouraging new riders to embrace the joy of cycling gives me a thrill. Keeping riders safe in a group is my priority. Developing relationships with our wonderful sponsors has been a gift.
Tell us about your best experience cycling: Joe and I are fortunate to have shared MANY amazing cycling adventures. France, Italy, Arizona (12 times), Hawaii, California...too many to pick one favorite. Every ride with friends is the best cycling experience  smiley

Joe ​Gard

​​Club Group Ride & Club Supported Rides

Your Bike (and why it's your favorite): Norco Tactic for dry rides, Norco Search for the wet days. I also have an Orbea Occam dual suspension that I don't ride enough. My Tactic corners like it's glued to the road and the Zipp 303's are great.
A little about yourself Married to Kim. 2 adult kids 25 and 27 years old...almost 27. I am a field sales consultant in the dental industry and it has been very good to me. I love my customers, especially my buddy Doug Sims.
You and cycling; what's the story: Dabbled in racing for several years but am now just having a love affair with riding and that's way I'm keeping it.YY
You and Wheelers:  Karl and I have had a long-term relationship and he has been so good to me, as have the staff over the last 20 years or so. I always rode for OBB and went to Karl a few years ago and asked him if he had any plans for rejuvenating the Wheelers. Since then I have been a Wheeler. The SUNDAY ride was the first Wheelers ride in many years and it's still my favorite ride. It's great to see newbies improve and "graduate" to the Saturday ride.
Role(s) in the club/executive: My role is to oversee the group ride protocols and organize a couple of supported rides throughout the year. I also set up 2 Master's courses as well in my duties but that goes way back.
Tell us about your best experience cycling: Kim and I have probably the best lives of many of our friends because we travel with our bikes at least twice a year. We've had some amazing trips, and many more to come. I've always ridden more than my friends when I was growing up in Port Alberni. I think the most fun and best experience I've had on the bike was when a few of us Wheelers including Karl, joined the Police officer and prison guard memorial ride. Mick and I led the ride most of the way with what was supposed to an easy ride which it was but it was also to bring awareness to Police officers deaths. It was not planned to have a police cruiser with us but there was 2 of them and they blocked intersections for us so we didn't have to slow down. The sirens and the flashing lights and the adrenaline was very much like the old N2V (Nanaimo to Victoria) ride in support of cops for cancer (Cops On The Rock) which I was also part of the organizing committee and a ride leader. Kim and I also did a ride in 2010 to raise awareness and money for Parkinson disease and that was throughout the province. 1400 kms in 10 days. It was very emotional at times meeting all the people with Parkinson and the supporters. There was a group of 12 of us that did the ride. Too many more great rides to talk about!!!! Mountain biking in Italy with Karl and Liz is way up there. July 1st Hurricane Ridge and out to Sequim and back is also right up there. France with our bikes was exceptional as well. Too many to list.

Mark Doucette

Director at Large, Volunteer Coordinator

Your Bike (and why it's your favorite): Norco Tactic and it's my favorite bike because it's stiff, light, fast, and responsive.
A little about yourself: I'm a Finance guy, I like cycling as a means of gaining fitness but also for exploring new parts of the world.
You and cycling; what's the story?: 3 years - 2 racing
You and Wheelers: I saw that there were a lot of fast dudes on Strava that rode with the Wheelers, so I figured I would get faster by riding with them. That was around 2 years ago, and what has kept me around is the amazing community that the Wheelers are. Great people, fun rides, and great races.
Role(s) in the club/executive: Director at Large - I get to be involved with a little bit of everything.
Tell us about your best experience cycling: First ride with Kim and Joe on a Sunday ride because it gave me the confidence to start group riding, West Maui Loop, Touring the San Juan Islands, biking to Whistler and back with friends.

Stéphane Tran​

Director at Large, Race Committee

Your Bike (and why it's your favorite): I have a few bikes, but my Norco Tactic is my favourite. It looks sweet and goes fast.  'Nuff said.
A little about yourself: I live a charmed life with a wonderful wife and 3 great kids under 11 years old. I like to go exploring and swimming with my kids and enjoy a bit of freshwater fishing and soccer in the off-season (I usually take a couple of months off the bike in the winter). I'm also a middle-school teacher.
You and cycling; what's the story: I started mountain biking when I was a teenager in Québec and did that for about 10 years. I got into road cycling 7 years ago in Victoria and have been racing VCL and BC Masters for 5 years. I commute by bicycle 75% of the time.
You and Wheelers: I joined the Wheelers 3 years ago and enjoy the camaraderie and easy-going nature of the club. I have been part of the race team for a couple of years too.
Role(s) in the club/executive: I am a director at large. I don't have any specific duties, but contribute to the organisation of the club and events as best I can. I am also a member of the race committee and am responsible for the Newton Heights VCL race. 
Tell us about your best experience cycling: Cycling for me is a stress-reliever as well as a means of staying physically healthy. My best/favourite cycling experience is a hard, fast summertime ride where I have to push myself to my limit, followed by a post-ride coffee-shop chat with my fellow riders. That's pretty hard to beat! Seeing the Tour de France with my grandfather when I was a kid is a also a favourite cycling moment.

Ryan ​Calbick

​Communications, Race Committee

Your Bike (and why it's your favorite): Everti Falcon, titanium. This is hands down the best bike I've ever ridden.  I've never raced a full carbon bike but I'm not sure I'll ever want to. Ti is awesome.
A little about yourself I work in government and I love my job.  I'm a dad of a 23 yr old son. Kandis McCall is my amazing partner in life. 
You and cycling; what's the story?: 
I started road bike racing in1987 after buying a $400 steel bike with 2nd generation Dura Ace (6spd!). The love affair never ended.
You and Wheelers: I joined the club on my return to Victoria in 2015
Role(s) in the club/executive: My role is communications.  I enjoy supporting web administration for the club and I am responsible for the Windsor Park Crit series.
Tell us about your best experience cycling: I've had some great experiences racing over the years but it wasn't until the Gards introduced me to the BIG rides that I really discovered what an amazing and transformative experience cycling can be. Kim & Joe are the most natural cycling ambassadors I've ever met.

Kandis McCall

Membership & Social Coordinator

​​Your Bike (and why it's your favorite): I ride a Giant TCR, which is my first (and only) road bike.  It's about 30 pounds lighter than its predecessor commuter bike and I love it!

A little about yourself: I am half of the Calbick/McCall (McCalbick) partnership and am the mother of a 21 year old daughter and a 23 year old son.  I work for the provincial government and am privileged to do most of my work from home so ​I can spend time with our 15 year old dog, Java.
You and cycling; what's the story?:  I thought I had permanently retired from cycling when I outgrew my banana seat bike at age 12, but when Ryan and I moved to Victoria in 2014, he convinced me to try cycling.  I'm getting better all the time and my cycling goal in life is to complete a women's ride without Ryan or Joe pushing me up a hill.
You and Wheelers: I would follow Ryan to the ends of the earth, so I was thrilled when he asked me to join him as a Wheelers' member.
Role(s) in the club/executive:  I am responsible for membership and I'm the social coordinator.
Tell us about your best experience cycling: In my efforts to improve my cycling skills, I found an out of the way place in View Royal that has little traffic and lots of hills.  My best cycling experience was finishing my training route at a fairly good pace and finding the strength to turn around and go a second time. Amazing how a little success will motivate you!

Race Committee:

John Errington (Nield Road & Mount Doug Hill Climbs); Karl Ullrich; Ryan Calbick (Windsor Park); Marc Doucette (Windsor Park); Stephan Tran (Newton Heights)

Please send all inquiries to

2015 Victoria Wheelers Club Executive:

The Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club would like to thank Mick Bryson and Jenny Nanninga who are both departing as Club Executive. Jenny's hats have been race organizer, served as Executive for the club for many years, along with Trevor MacKenzie helped to put together our current website, and started the Monday Night Women's Ride. Mick has served as Director and President for a number of years, can usually be seen riding/leading the Saturday ride, and is a member of the race team. Lucky for the club, both Mick and Jenny have decided to carry on in volunteering roles. Thanks Mick and Jenny!!

Pictured above: Dave Emery, Joe Gard, John Errington, Jenny Nanninga, Karl Ulrich, Kim Gard, Marc Doucette, Mick Bryson, Ryan Calbick (missing), Stephane Tran (missing), Marc Doucette (missing), Trevor MacKenzie.